5 Minute Mentor

Introducing… 5 Minute Mentor

The 5-Minute Mentor is a new video series put on by the team at First Work in an effort to close the gap in networking and career insights that we are all facing due to physical distancing. This video series includes short segments showcasing personal and human stories of resilience from those who have overcome adversity and have sage advice to offer young people.

So! Tune into 5 Minute Mentor to help bridge the gap between experiential learning and mentorship, and to stimulate your curiosity, conversation and virtual mentorship.

Our Mentors are split into 2 streams: life-skills and industry-focused. The Life Skills stream focuses on general career advice, including education, exploration, and interviewing/performance advice. The Industry-Focused stream is tailored to a specific role or industry and will focus on pathways and advice specific to that sector.

Terence Penny

Artist and Community Outreach Leader

Brooke Crewson

Diversity Institute Logistics Manager

Are you interested in participating as a mentor? Please reach out to Sophia Koukoulas sophia@firstwork.org with the subject line “5 Minute Mentor” and we’ll be in touch!