Participating in the Aspire program provides youth who intake at your agency a special learning experience in career exploration, and career mentorship.

Your youth will walk away with industry knowledge on non-traditional career paths, and a career mentor that will facilitate a deeper learning experience.

To assure that your clients are getting the most out of their opportunity, it is integral that you participate in this training. This will help you answer questions that our young people may have but will better orient you to the overall Aspire initiative.

  1. Promote
    Agencies who agree to participate in the Aspire program, are expected to promote the program to their youth client audience
  2. Prepare
    In agreeing to participate, you will also use this toolkit and the Youth Aspire Toolkit to prepare your Aspire attendees for their learning experience
  3. Support
    Support the Aspire program by supporting our young people who have chosen to pursue mentorship opportunities
Our Aspire team is here to Coordinate, Provide Partnerships and Provide the Resources to ensure that your client’s experience is as seamless as possible.

  1. Coordinate
    We sweat all the event details! There’s no need to worry about planning the event, the First Work team does all the planning for you.
  2. Provide Partnerships
    Employers are an integral part of this experiential process, and we have employers who are ready and willing to provide your clients with their exploratory experience.
  3. Provide Resources
    We have the resources available (this toolkit, Youth Aspire Toolkit, Instagram posts etc) to help you promote and prepare youth to participate in the Aspire experience.

Virtual Youth Summit 2020

We’re moving our annual Youth Summit to a digital delivery format so we can be physically distant but socially connected. Stay tuned for more details