Youth, on average, experience unemployment twice that of older workers. At the same time, the baby boom generation is entering their retirement phase, and the demand for new ways of work has changed the skills needed by employers. This transformation impacts young job seekers and their ability to prepare and adapt to change will influence their success in the local labour market.

First Work is a Provincial membership organization seeking a youth labour force that is prepared, educated, trained, and enabled to be gainfully employed. In response to the changing youth employment landscape, First Work initiated “Aspire,” a comprehensive approach that brings together youth and career exploration through the empowerment of knowledge, experience, and exposure.

In 2018, First Work assembled a committed group of Aspire Event Partners to make our 2nd annual event an overwhelming success.  In expanding our efforts across the province, we can provide further opportunities for our youth communities to be supported.

Through a work-integrated learning experience, knowledge sharing, and direct collaboration with employers and businesses, Aspire reshapes the way youth think about career paths and provides them with tangible, non-traditional models of career pathing.

Aspire is exemplified through a half-day career exploration initiative. This opportunity will connect youth to careers and industries they would otherwise never experience and will include exploratory learning opportunities such as workplace tours, career workshops, job shadowing and mentorship.

Seeking employers for:


Digital Media

Hospitality and Tourism

Real Estate


If you are an employer that would like to be part of this effective approach. This would involve:

  • providing youth with a tour of your workplace;
  • facilitating a session where youth can learn about the realities and opportunities in your line of business;
  • arranging hands-on activities for youth to explore skills for employment success; and
  • allowing youth to network and connect with management and staff.

Your company will benefit by:

  • developing stronger ties with youth;
  • promoting your organization and industry to a captive youth audience;
  • ensuring your voice can influence a future workforce;
  • accessing another recruitment pool;
  • strengthening your reputation with youth; and
  • being recognized as a Leading Youth Employment Partner.

Please send an email to for more details and how to get your company involved.